The question is not how we fix what is broken.
Rather, we start by asking:

How do we cultivate


Rehumanize the World with Us

We are a network of like-minded organizations with a shared vision of rehumanizing the world. We start with the knowledge that reintegrating what we have discarded and exploited holds the key to our future. We invite you to explore our efforts to bring dignity to areas of life that have been cast out—forgotten populations in society, the wildness in ourselves and in the natural world.


Eros Sutras

Fostering genius is key to fostering human flourishing

Genius births from the untamed, the wild within us; it cannot emerge from the confines of what we already know. By definition, genius must breach a boundary in order to express itself—a new idea that renders the old obsolete; a feeling we’ve never felt before because we thought it was bad or wrong. Genius invites us to venture out beyond our certainty where we learn to love and play with the difficult aspects of ourselves—and humanity—which take us there. As we rehumanize, we discover we are capable of much more than mere survival: we are capable of flourishing.


Rehumanizing Conversation and Community

At a retreat center in Northern California, we cultivate the practices of human flourishing in a daily rhythm that we share both online and in person. 

The Monastery is our laboratory for developing rehumanization programs. It also serves as an example for what’s possible at likeminded institutions elsewhere. 

We partner with leading experts of ecological restoration to enliven the soil while nourishing the soul.  

orgasmic meditation

The attention-training practice to access genius and human flourishing

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a structured attention-training practice that you do with another person. OM takes the most powerful part of a being human—our potential for intimacy—and offers a deliberate, repeatable method for accessing genius and human flourishing.

Institute of om foundation

The premier, non-profit research center focusing on peak state consciousness through Orgasmic Meditation

The Institute of OM Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)3, seeks to further scientific research focused on the practice of OM and measure its impact on the body, mind, and spirit. To date, scientific research studies have shown the practice of OM increases fulfillment and joy, improves feelings of connection, interpersonal closeness, decreases anxiety, can produce mystical experience, and shows similar brain activity to flow states and surrendered states. Our supported research studies continue to quantitatively measure and scientifically validate benefits of OM that practitioners have long understood. 


Creating systems to rehumanize the planet

Unconditional Freedom is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit dedicated to programs that restore dignity to marginalized people and groups; it sees each of us as an essential element to a thriving human ecology.

in the monastery

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Unconditional Freedom

Jay Davis

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The Summit Talks 

Dr. Nicole Prause, Neuroscientist, Part I

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John Liu, Ecologist

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